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Me in 62 Seconds...

Hey, it's Wuyen here...

I'm an entrepreneur, membership consultant, internet marketer, teacher and student.

I had one "day-job" in my whole life and was forced to leave it due to 3 surgeries plus 8 months in bed. The surgeries was the best thing that has ever happened to me (so far)!

The adventure has been, most of the times, SUPER HARD! But I loved every minute of it and can no longer imagine living otherwise.

I'm a Taiwan citizen but I'm all over the places. Each year, I spend 6 months in the middle of great foods, Taiwan, and 6 months next to a family of deers, Pinole, CA. 

I love swimming, reading and watching movies - especially Animation! I'm fascinated by those who can follow a minimalist lifestyle and I continuously remind myself to simplify and be mindful of every minute (...but still working on it).

I also have the Shiny Object Syndrome so I've literally bought every course presented to me and I still get excited every single time I see a new offer...even though now I know they're either painting a fake dream or only telling part of the picture.

But hey, that's what lead me to create the LEGO Approach.

My clients hire me to create a Automatic Clients System for them. 

And you can learn more here...

Wuyen "marketing geek" Hsu