Client Acquisition Accelerator Program

Client Acquisition Accelerator - Client Intake Form

1Letter of Agreement
  • Program Agreement

    Congrats! You are about to take your business to a whole new level. Welcome aboard! On behalf of the Everyday Venture team, we want to welcome you to the Client Acquisition Accelerator Program. We are excited to help you grow your business and we're committed to give you the highest quality of education and service possible.

    Please sign the form below and acknowledge that all information is correct. If you have any questions, please contact us at

    These are the terms required to get the best result:

    - I will take massive action.

    - I will do what I say I will do when I say I will do it.

    - I will remain coachable and resourceful, doing whatever it takes to move my business forward.

    - I am confident that I can get great results for my clients and I'm ready to serve them now.

    - I will double my willingness to try new things suggested by my mentor and coaches.

    - I understand that business success doesn't happen overnight and I'm committed to work hard and make it happen.

    - I will prepare to see myself as limitless and take action from that place.

    - I am ready to take full responsibility for my own success because I'm ready to transform my business and lifestyle.

  • Program Details

    Client Acquisition Accelerator Program includes:
    1) 8-Week Kick-Start Program,
    2) 6-Months of Coaching Session,
    3) 6-Months of Unlimited Help Desk Support,
    4) One year of free updates.

  • I agree to have my credit card debited in advance for starting the program.
  • Contact & Privacy Agreement

    If I need any help, I will reach out to the team through the Help Desk.
    (Not email, FB Group, or FB Messenger.)

    For housekeeping purpose, we always keep records of all support tickets and coaching calls because we don't want to miss anything.

    Nothing in this relationship is to be discussed outside of our conversation. There are times when references to others may be helpful, however, my coaches would never mention a name or person that would lead someone to infer the discussion was about me as a client.

    NOTE: Group coaching session are available to all members. So if there are things you want to keep private, please use the Help Desk instead.

  • No Refund Policy

    I understand that success cannot be guaranteed because it is entirely dependent upon my participation and execution of the process.

    I also acknowledge that no earnings claims or profit guarantee have been made to me regarding this program.

    I understand that all marketing and business-related activities require testing and that overnight success rarely happens.

    I understand that I am agreeing that all information shared with me is confidential and proprietary, as such, this program does not allow for cancellations, refunds, nor does it extend any money-back guarantee.

    See full Terms and Disclosure here:

  • Congratulations on taking action that sets you apart from the masses!
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If you have any questions...

Feel free to reach out to me at and I look forward to our next call!