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Lead Generation Service

LGS Service - Client Intake Form

  • Letter of Agreement

    Congratulations on taking action to grow your business to the next level. The service you are about to receive can help you achieve incredible results. On behalf of EverydayVenture, we want to welcome you to the Lead Generation Service. We are excited to be part of your team. It is our commitment to give you the highest quality of service possible.

    Please sign the form below and acknowledge that all information is correct; if you have any question or you notice any inaccuracies, please contact us. You can contact us at support@everydayventure.com

  • Item Purchased

    Lead Generation Service:
    1. DFY Client Attraction System
    2. Traffic Test Run (with Facebook Ad)
    3. 3-Months of Unlimited Email Support

    Fast Action Bonus:
    (only for client who invested for the service during the initial call)
    1. Facebook Traffic Lab Workshop
    2. Success Path Workshop

    Not Included In Price:
    (Please take budget into consideration)
    1. Advertising Cost (recommend starting with $20/day and gradually increase until $1k - $3k/mo once you know it's converting)
    2. Tool & Software Cost (For example: ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, Acuity Scheduling, WebinarJam, etc. Est: ~$169/mo getting started)

  • I agree to have my credit card debited in advance for starting the service and that all price provided is net of tax.
  • I understand that I am agreeing that all information shared with me is confidential and proprietary, as such, this service does not allow for cancellations, refunds, nor does it extend any money-back guarantee.

    I further acknowledge that no earning claims or guarantees have been made to me regarding this service. Also, I accept that success cannot be guaranteed because it is entirely dependent upon my participation and cooperation of the service.

    If I invest in this service and don’t put in the effort, can't deliver result for my clients, or don't work with EverydayVenture Team to provide the information needed, I won’t achieve the results I'm looking for.

    Also, I understand that the system is built upon converting paid advertising into paying clients. If I'm not ready to invest in growing my business with paid advertising, clients will NOT magically fall out of the sky right into my lap.

  • Contact & Privacy Agreement

    If I need any help, I will reach out to the team through the Help Desk or through email.

    For housekeeping purpose, EverydayVenture Team always keeps records of all support tickets because the team doesn't want to miss anything.

    Nothing in this relationship is to be discussed outside of our conversation. There are times when references to others may be helpful, however, EverydayVenture Team would never mention a name or person that would lead someone to infer the discussion was about me as a client.

  • Congratulations on taking action that sets you apart from the masses!
  • YYYY dash MM dash DD

If you have any questions...

Feel free to reach out to us at member@everydayventure.com.

I look forward working with you!