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Membership Trend – Community Rules

This FREE Facebook community is designed to be a place where we can come together to share lesson-learns, tips, questions, insights, useful resources and most importantly support each other on this new membership trend.

I'm dedicated to build a thriving community and maintain a supportive environment, therefore it's important for us to reach an agreement on these rules.

I will do my best to lead this tribe and it would be an honor if you can join me on this amazing adventure.

Host of the Group:

Wuyen Hsu (founder of Everyday Venture and host of this group)

If you are new to Membership Trend, please be sure to READ these guidelines 🙂

By joining this community you are agreeing to these rules listed below.


Membership Trend is NOT a place for ruthless self-promotion or self-advertising, with the exception of "Friday Shares" thread or otherwise stated. It is also NOT okay to use the community to run your marketing survey unless given clear permission my group admin.

What is self-promotion?

  • Opt-In links for your freebies
  • Registration link for your webinar or event
  • Link to your OWN website
  • Selling anything – including products, services, courses, events, and programs
  • Invitation to “Like” your Facebook Page or join your Facebook Group
  • Free strategy sessions
  • Affiliate links

Feel free to share your post, link, offer, social profiles, webinar, survey, website in the Friday Shares thread.

If you have an affiliate offer your would like to share with your fellow members, please visit the Joint Venture tread. If you are looking to offer a freelancer or specialty service, please check the Freelancer thread. If you are looking to hire, please check the Job Opening thread.

But these are the only time. All other post with links will be deleted.

Also, the promotion of Facebook Groups, courses, programs, or coaching/consulting service on the topic of how to build a membership business is not permitted.​ While I'll do my best to build the most helpful community for all membership owners, I need to protect my personal interest, too 😉


No creating video, posting videos of yourself, streaming Facebook Live, linking to your Periscope, Google Hangout, or YouTube Live in the group. 

And yes, this includes no "Intro" video or video purely for giving value.

I have to watch each one of them to validate the content and I'll have to start charging to manage the group...

If you want to do a video share on a certain topic, please get approval from the Admin BEFORE you post. (And video post of yourself that doesn't begin with - Approved by tagged "Admin Name" - will be deleted.)

If you come across a great video from someone else that's mind-blowing, create a post and share it.


You can openly rant on your own page or blog, but not in this group.

If you are just here to let off steam, our members don't have time for it.

If you are frustrated about something, turn it into a lesson-learned and share the insight with the community.


Please do not post content that doesn't have anything to do with membership/business/marketing/entrepreneurship or that does not directly add value.


Strong opinions are welcome, but bullying or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Be polite and respect other's feeling and privacy.

Also, be extra careful on copyright infringement.

There will be no yellow card warning - one strike and you're out.


There's always a handful of common question that will be asked over and over again.

Use the "Search" feature to see if it's already discussed. (You might need to try a few different keywords)


"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

And that is the mantra for how to get the most out of the group.

Try to be genuinely interested about other people's posts and comments.

Provide honest feedback and suggestions.

Ask question and share your knowledge.

Rule of thumb: Never say something you won't say to your mom.


If you are not sure about certain topic, or perhaps you want to share something that falls into the middle area, please reach out and ask an admin before you post.

Also, remember that it's OUR group.

Help make Membership Trend as great as possible by helping us monitor any violation of these guidelines - OR any disrespectful behaviors. You can "report" the post by clicking on the arrow on the top right corner and choosing "report to admin."

This is the fastest way to bring my attention so that I can address it as quickly as possible.

If you don't agree with ALL of these guidelines, feel free to remove yourself from the group.

Thanks so much for your time (& help) and I am honored to have you here with us.

Don't forget to have some fun!​

Wuyen Hsu 🙂

PS: While I do my best to stay engaged, I cannot promise to be on top of every single post or be responding to every PM. If you have a question about why your post was deleted or if your post is okay, please contact us through our support form. I'll be replying to your email in a timely manner during business hours of Monday - Friday.